Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

sudah mulai ada telepon 2 perusahaan dan 1 perusahaan yang mencoba mentest

Dear Hamzah Fadhil,

Thank you for coming to Gameloft Booth in JobsDB Career Expo 2011 at Sasana Budaya Ganesa (SABUGA) Bandung on 21 Jan – 23 Jan 2011. As discussed yesterday, we would like to start Gameloft’s recruitment process by inviting you to take the Game Designer test that you will find attached, which has to be completed within seven days as below information:

Time for us to send you the test: 02:00 PM, Thursday, 27th Jan 2011

Your deadline to submit the test is:

Date: Thursday, 3rd Feb 2011

Time: 02:00 PM

Please send your finished test to

Don’t forget to attach the picture of level or fake screen for part 3.2 and 3.3

As a reminder, here are all the steps of our recruitment process for this position:

1. Game Designer test to be done at home within seven days.

2. If succeed, a face to face interview at Gameloft office.

Wish you the best in the completion of your test.

Kind regards,

Zenitha Noviaty

HR Assistant
PT Gameloft Indonesia | Pacific Building 1st Floor | Jl. Laksda Adi Sucipto No. 157, Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia
E : | M : +62 852 2892 5660

Bismillah UAS harus sukses dan kerjaan juga harus diterima AMIN....

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